How to Save Yourself from Yourself During This Unprecedented and Complex Times

How to Save Yourself from Yourself During These Unprecedented and Complex Times

Don’t Give In and Don’t Give up

The temptation to give in has not been much greater than now, most especially, as we battle with the pandemic amidst other problems in the world. With many losing family members and friends, many coming to terms with the limits of online learning and social gathering restrictions. We have to continue to be aware of the need for safety and self-care as we go about our daily lives without losing hope. We also have to remember as Epictetus the Greek Stoic philosopher once said many years ago, “We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them”. We need to maintain a degree of faith, using this period for reflection and for connecting with our divine inner resources, whichever way we know it, using these inner spiritual resources as a source of power and as a guide.

“Just as the body cannot exist without blood, so the soul needs the matchless and pure strength of faith”.

                                  ___Mahatma Gandhi

       It is usually very easy to fall into the trap of disbelief, self-neglect, through lack of exercise, emotional disturbances, and lack of mental clarity, which tend to make our life and condition worse.

I hope and trust that you have been spared from the ravage of the pandemic just like many of us who are still alive. If you are still breathing, your mission here on earth is not complete yet, and as such, we need to continue with our magnificent dreams, using our dreams to create the future we desire. The potency and the strength of our thoughts, aided by the powerful spiritual energy within, will aid us and make manifest these desires in ways appropriate for our growth and development.

New Opportunities Created Daily

There are waves of new opportunities opening up daily even within the scares of the spread of the pandemic. Those in e-commerce are seeing triple gains, online education opening up another wave of opportunity for online course educators, the stock market involving stocks tied to the at-home-restrictions orders also witnessed unprecedented increases. Many of the world’s greatest millionaires made their fortune during a disaster or during a pandemic.

Dream Big, Life Is Like a Classroom

The tendency for many is to give up when faced with crises. Giving up should not be the answer. Self-care involves discipline. It involves moving out of a comfort zone. It also involves adjustments to our habits.  It is ok to grieve, but grieving should not be our death sentence. We come to life at different times with different purposes and we shall all go at different times. Life is like a classroom. You cannot hold someone back in a classroom when they’ve completed that classroom’s content as planned in their curriculum. Again, the world is like a classroom! When you are still breathing, you still have a purpose. Many only need to find out what that purpose is. We need to continue to dream big irrespective of crises. We need to continue to walk forward and not backward.  A comfort zone where you do nothing is also counterproductive.

      I recently read a storybook brought home by my son while in elementary school. This little storybook was written by two young boys. One did the illustration and another one tells the stories. This book was nicely done that it was endorsed and taken over by the public schools to be used in the classroom. Many of us can write stories, maybe even the stories of our own life with a created anonymous character. Many such books are best sellers on Amazon and other platforms. Time is an investment. How do you spend your time?

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”.


  Navigate New Territories Daily. Your Life Depends on it

  Please let us get off our comfort zone to create the life we want. Navigate new territories, a new horizon, ride with the wave and pivot into success. Momentum is the key. We need to keep moving irrespective of what is going on. Motion is one of the greatest forces in life. We can rest momentarily to recoup and refresh, but you need to keep moving. Moving our bodies, emotions through love, and our mental faculties through reading and acquiring knowledge. What you don’t use, you lose!  My 92-year-old mother was recently given an I-phone, and she is doing pretty well with it. We only stop learning when we die! Don’t let the age fool you. Age is just a number. Don’t let negative people or nay Sayers poison your thoughts, as it could be deadly. Thoughts are energy, learning good thought habits is an asset! Guard it well.

Don’t Let Your Thoughts of The Past Problems Hold You Back

Don’t let the past transfix you. The past has chained so many down and prevented them from advancing in life. Don’t become a biblical pillar of salt. Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt. Let the past go. Learn from it and move on. Tomorrow is a new fresh day, a new consciousness. If you keep carrying around yesterday’s consciousness, you may not be able to solve many of the problems that confront you, as it is impossible to solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

You Could Be Your Own Enemy

Your misery may not be from someone else, but yourself! Don’t let the charlatans deceive you. You have to rise above problems in a new consciousness, which expands your awareness and elevate your horizon. By elevating our level of consciousness and not holding to the past, we then can become creative and hear the small still voices yielding themselves to us in a new dynamic way as a co-creator with God or the Grand Architect of the universe

Dr. George Akinkuoye

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