No Staticity or Stagnation in Life

No Staticity or Stagnation in Life


Life is full of ups and down, no doubt.
Are you stuck in life, depressed, anxious and frightened? If you are, you are not alone. So many people are, most especially within the current pandemic, social injustice and unrest going on all around us and all over the world. One thing is sure and certain, and that is the inevitability of change.

Life is in constant motion and we are moving with it, whether you know it or not, you are part of the change and your environment and your world is as well. Everything shall pass, everything shall change. Change is inevitable. Civilizations shall rise and civilizations shall fall just like the bear and the bull market of the stock market. So why do we kill ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically in the mean time? The human short-sightedness is a problem. We should be able to see beyond physical, mundane display of impermanent things that flashes themselves to us daily. Only one thing is certain, and that is change.

Since change is inevitable, therefore, never let anything dismay or disturb you. Everything shall pass. The law of change is constant and precise, even if they are too minute to be noticed or seen immediately.
Changes and motion in general manifest daily both in the microcosm, as in the cells of our body, and in our organs, and in the macrocosm, in the solar system, the planets, in the ebbs and flow of tides of the world, there is change and motion. Therefore, as humans living within a changing world, there is no exception when it comes to the laws of motion.

You have to move and keep moving despite all odds. Motion and movement should be our mantra. Immobility is not the answer. It is neither the solution to human crises and poverty. The lockdown provides an opportunity to re-invent and recharge ourselves just as moments of grounding and rest is vital to our ability to continue to move and to our health, so the lockdown has its own advantages of being able to move in our spirit through reflection, using our mental faculties in positive creation and as a co-creator with the DIVINE AND MOST HIGH.

As a stagnant water is capable of breeding dangerous reptiles, bacteria and viruses, so an idle body and mind is capable of breeding negative destructive attributes such as fear, anxiety, nightmares, depression, anger, lack of productivity, gossip, poverty and many other vices which are capable of destroying man. Constantly keeping our body and mind active and in motion with creative and productive ventures acts like a lubricant, propelling us forward to greater successes and riches. What we don’t use, we lose is more or less a dictum.

The aches and pains of the body and the pounds we gain that deteriorates our health without constant movement and exercise is a reminder that something is wrong, and our failing memory is telling us that the brain cells are becoming dull and dormant from lack of constant usage. Dormancy, immobility, and staticity are not in line with the grand laws of nature. Therefore, use this time to reflect, and to engage in one form of online program or another, learning new things, new businesses, new ventures. So long we are alive; learning must continue to prevent systemic deterioration and that of aging faster than we should. Thank you, and keep moving. With love.

Dr George Akinkuoye

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