Taking Care of Your Bodies While Climbing the Ladder of Success

Taking Care of Your Bodies While Climbing the Ladder of Success

To achieve any measure of success in any endeavor, and to reap the benefits and fully enjoy such endeavors for a long time, there are certain pertinent measures that need to be put into consideration. Some of these measures will not only keep you focused, and healthy, but will enable you to live a prosperous, balanced holistic life. First topic on this blog among others to come is that of learning to listen to our bodies.

Listening to your Bodies.
To achieve any measure of success in life, many would only think about cultivating the ability to listen to others and their environment, but may not think that it is important to listen to themselves, that is, their own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Learning to listen to your own body means loving yourself. If you love your body, your body will love and pay you back. As humans, we have 5 basic bodies namely: physical, etheric body, emotional body, mental body and the spiritual body. Each of these bodies will be explained further in another blog.

When considering the complexity of the human physical body, we’ll realize that it is composed of so many cells, systems and organs that supposed to be in a harmonic balance. When the body is out of balance, a signal is sent as a warning, which we sometimes experience as a discomfort.

Just as the human physical body can be out of balance by what we eat, whether we sleep or not, have enough water to drink or breath in adequate oxygenated air, same way we can be out of balance emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The race for success and achievements does not necessarily mean that we have to be out of balance in any of our bodies. Fear, anxiety and depression if not prevented can cause significant damages in our lives. It can cause someone to fail an exam or miss out on an opportunity when such signal causes you to be out of balance. It is therefore imperative to learn how to listen to our own bodies and to take necessary measure to stay balanced at all time. Most successful men and women who live long enough to enjoy their success have learned the secret of listening to their bodies and staying balanced.
Of what use will your success be if you are losing your life just because you’ve missed some vital signals and warnings sent, in which your body is telling you that something is wrong and which you sometimes ignore. From time to time, our human body sends signals to us through our endocrine gland which is intertwined with other systems of the body. Are you having constant headaches, stomach upset, fear, anxiety, and depression? Without any doubt, the body is signaling that something is not right and needs your attention.

Constant check-up is a must. When signals like this and many others occur, we need to examine ourselves to see if we can identify the root causes of such signals. We should also notify our providers and experts in the area concerned, most especially if the causes cannot be identified. Negative thoughts generate negative energy patterns that are capable of engulfing us, trapping us into misery and terrible nightmares. Anger and use of negative words are capable of creating constant unseen imbalance in our body systems. These can impede our success and further delay our progress in life.

When excessive, they can even shorten human lives. Eating regular balanced diets, engaging in regular exercises and avoiding addiction to any toxic substances that will degrade and cause gradually bodily degradation and decay is a must. Using positive visualizations and maintaining constant positive thoughts will help create our desired dream faster that engaging in negative ones.

It will be of no use to labor through life and not be able to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor; hence, we need to cultivate the ability of listening to our own body and taking a timely action as necessary if we sense that we are out of balance in one area or more. For a total and well-rounded health, there need to be harmony within our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. A disharmony in one area is bound to be communicated and we need to learn how to listen and act accordingly to rectify things into a harmonic state.

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